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Tipi Hire in Cumbria, Lancashire, Cheshire & Lake District - Your event - Our solution

Unique spaces are magical, a joy to be in and impressive to all those lucky enough to have that experience. We make everything in house, so we can adapt our offering to cater for any event requirement.

From bespoke furnishings and interesting decor options added to the Tipis we can create the perfect solution for you whatever gathering you are choosing – we also have our own twist that will enhance any event.

Get the Wow factor with our Giant event Tipis – Bespoke offerings for those who care about making a difference..

Our mission is to exceed expectations in all aspects of our work, from the first point of contact to the litter pick at the end of your event.

Contact us now for a quote and a floor plan to get an idea of how your event / party / gathering might look – to discuss your requirements – we are always happy to help.

A truly magical vibe

We want to make your event special and personal.. we draw on the skills of many local talented arts and craftsmen to take our spaces to the next level. The Event Tipi hire can be configured in a multitude of ways, allowing for a free flowing space that inherently has beauty and curb appeal – and yet it is what you do with this back drop that can be truly awesome.

Having developed a range of accessories that not only gives the wow factor but gives our Tipi gatherings a bespoke look and feel. Please browse our site and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Why Choose a Tipi?
Our event Tipis have taken the principals of the Scandinavian Sami design updating them so that it becomes something different altogether. The large diameter of the Tipis gives an impressive footprint and a high fluting roof making the space open and inviting. Tipis are adaptable – they can be erected in many different configurations, allowing you to pick and choose elements that work best for you and your wedding, party or event. Tipis can be used all year round, throughout the glorious summer months to the more changeable winter months into Christmas and beyond – with a few comfortable adaptations in the way they are heated, whenever you want to create your gathering – it is possible. Tipis are versatile – they can be erected as easily in the middle of a town as a remote field with a fabulous view – in either location they provide amazing spaces that just work!
What Size?
Giant Tipis – 10.3m with the sides down but 13m with all the sides up. They can also be linked to each other, with other tents, or used as a single structure. Chill Out Tipi – At 8.3m this Tipi works perfectly for small parties as a standalone structure or linked to larger Tipis as a separate bar, chill out area or meeting space.

1 Large Tipi for upto 64 people

2 Large Tipis for upto 100+ people

3 Large Tipis for upto 150+ people
Why We Are Different.
We are passionate about our service to you and our products – from the structure down to the flooring – all of which has been designed and made without compromise. Within our team we have years of experience in event structures, organising gatherings and creating welcoming spaces – which has not only the wow factor but functions as you need it to. We have relationships with many quirky and reliable artists, artisans and experts in their field – no request is too large! Contact us to see how we can help..

Tipi Hire Prices

tipi hire cumbria

£ 1350

Includes Flooring and LED Lights

1 x 10.3 Metre Giant Tipi

Will seat upto 40 on tables and benches

tipi hire lancashire

£ 2600

Includes Flooring and LED Lights

2 x 10.3 metre Giant Tipis

Will seat upto 80 on tables and benches

tipi hire prices

£ 3950

Includes Flooring and LED Lights

3 x 10.3 metre Giant Tipis

Will seat upto 120 on tables and benches

tipi wedding packages

£ 5300

Includes Flooring and LED Lights

4 x 10.3 metre Giant Tipis

Will seat upto 160 on tables and benches

Interesting Extras

Also consider

Panoramic windows

Your event

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From Lake shore to Mountain views, your own field to Hotel grounds – we can offer advice and deliver the perfect solution.

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Maybe you are wanting to launch a product or service, celebrate a good year or wanting to host a networking event – contact us to see how we can help.

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Great for family gatherings from 50 to 200+ people. From formal dinner’s to flair cocktails, a band on stage or a dance floor for a ceilidh – we can supply it.

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Our Tipis have been put to many different uses – they are perfect for use as Cafe’s, Bars or dedicated music venues. Any number of Tipis can be joined together to create the right space.

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