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We are experienced manufacturers of various structures from event sized down to small Glamping units.

This could be a framed structure, in wood or metal with a fitted cover to provide a suitable solution, or Tensile structures that have minimal framework and rely more heavily on anchor points – particularly suitable for Awnings and Sun shades.

Covers get the worst of the weather and depending on the material used – might need replacing – so we can advise the best materials to use for longevity and aesthetics.

We make new or can replace old covers as required. Also providing a measuring service where we can pattern a cover from structures we haven’t previously built.

  • Professionally made

    We pride ourselves on achieving the highest standards.

  • Dedicated Sewing room

    A 14m x 6m Sewing room allowing us to take on some of the biggest jobs.

  • Friendly Team

    Approachable and knowledgeable – we always aim to please.

  • Experienced

    With decades of experience between us, we can put many heads towards the problem


Having traveled the world under the steam of Yak and more recently by freight – Yurts are everywhere, and for good reason. They combine aesthetic beauty with ancient mathematics to make a unique place that is both portable yet very sturdy.

The covers used is the most perishable item and so can need replacing every couple of years, depending on materials used, location etc.

We can advise materials, sizes etc to best suit your application.

A GeoDesic dome designed by Bukminster Fuller is a hemispherical triangular structure of varying complexity. The triangular elements of the dome are structurally rigid and distribute the structural stresses with ease, making geodesic domes able to withstand very heavy loads for their size.

Please get in contact with us to discuss options.

A traditional Bedouin design adapted from the Deserts of Morocco for modern use here in the UK. Supported by a curved ridge beam, the flowing lines of the Berber tent are simple and graceful.

They create interesting and unique spaces with minimal structure, making them light and portable.

We will discuss your requirements so as to choose the size and materials that would best suit your application.


We really do love steam bending – the patience it requires, the smell it generates and the awesome results.. when it goes right.

There are structures / Decor and Furnishings that we make that wouldn’t be the same with out it! Everything we do, we ask ourselves how it could be improved by this process..

We have a dedicated steam box along side our workshop and so can fir it up whenever the inclination takes us.

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